Nailmatic Space Bath Bombs


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Preservative-Free, Vegan, Cruelty free

Diving in a colourful spacey bath, pretty cool huh? Kids only have a thing to do: choose their saucer and escape in the cosmos… Ignition!

This pack of space bath bombs is full of promises with 7 baths: 2 blue baths, 3 red baths, 2 yellow baths.
Especially designed for kids, with gentle, hydrating and soothing formulas.

Lightly scented, they colour the bath water for a road trip into the cosmos. Dermatologically tested.

Directions for use
  • Put the bath bomb in the running water Let the show begin...
  • Laugh-tub! Kids can play with the ball while it's melting in the water.
Natural ingredients / plant origin:

Citric acid = PH regulator of the formula
Chamomile extracts = soothing and emollient properties
Sunflower oil = emollient properties
Sweet almond oil and vegetable oil = moisturizing and softening properties
Tocopherol = vitamin E = preservative and antioxidant of the formula

Synthetic ingredients:

Sodium bicarbonate = regulates the PH and creates effervescence
Sodium Coco-Sulfate = favors the good distribution of the product during its use
Maltodextrin = used to bind ingredients together
Sodium sulfate = increases or decreases the viscosity of the final product

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