Miniware Pre2Pro Feeding Spoon - Blue Banana


  • $129

A handle can be used to replace two spoon heads to meet the needs of both congee-like food and solid food. The baby can grow up from 4 to 15 months old with a pair of Miniware Pre 2 Pro.

A two-use spoon to accompany your baby's appetite conversion. Pre 2 Pro has two spoon heads, which can be replaced with one turn. The slender Pre spoon head is suitable for parents to feed the baby with porridge-like non-staple food. When the baby eats a lot, it can be changed to a wider and deeper Pro spoon head. . For the growth period of 4~15 months, you only need a spoon.

Safety Certification: Passed LFGF and FDA inspection

Two ways to use : Two spoon heads, which can be changed at will according to the baby's food intake

Food Grade Silicone Spoon Head: soft and does not hurt your baby's gums

Anti-shake small foothold: The spoon can be placed on the table steadily, not afraid of being dumped and soiled.

Safety Tenon Design: Parents can change their heads as soon as they turn, while preventing the baby from pulling apart.

Safety Age: Pre spoon head 4-8M, Pro spoon head 8-15M

Texture: Spoon head- food-grade silicone, Grip- PLA

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