Little.b Double-layer 316 Stainless Steel Suction Bowl - Pink


  • $299

For most people, family mealtime is something we look forward to everyday. In addition to providing nutritional and filing benefits, a hearty meal not only satisfies our own appetite but also soothes our emotions.

An ideal meal is not only about the beauty of food and delicious cuisine, but also the use of right tableware. We know well “Sharp tools make good work”!.

Tableware aesthetics can improve our quality of life. It isn’t just about eating healthy, but also eating for pleasure. Little.b bowl brings you an awesome product by combining food grade silicone and 316 (18/10) stainless steel into an elegant stainless steel suction cup bowl. This amazing product enhance your family mealtime experience as the unique bowl cares in detail about your children and the elders.

1.The bowl has a special round groove design, making it easy to scoop the food with a spoon.

2.Sealed and leak-proof cover for easy food sealing.

3.Special double-ply 316 stainless steel to achieve Anti-scalding and durability.

4.Bottom vacuum suction cup to prevent slippage and spills

5.Lightweight, makes carrying easy and convenient.

6.Special technology, integrated molding and seamless design

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