Grabease Allover Bib-Gray Pink


  • $229

How it works

Our Allover Bib contains your little one’s mess at mealtime by covering everything from neck to toe, including the highchair! The single layer construction keeps yucky gunk from getting trapped, and our water and stain resistant fabric makes cleanup a breeze.

How to use

It’s as simple as pulling over your little one’s head and over the highchair! Use a bowl or plate on top, or place food on the plate outline directly on the bib! Once mealtime is complete, remove the bib by pulling over the baby from back to front (to avoid getting food in their hair or face). Then just shake, wipe, and you’re all set to use it again! After several uses, machine wash on the gentle cycle for a deeper clean. Make sure to hang dry only (no dryer)!

Why we made this

Children are meant to be messy, but parents and caregivers don’t have to suffer. We are all about little one’s independence while keeping ourselves sane!

Our Allover Bib is wipeable and machine washable for the easy clean up you have been dreaming of!


Sized to fit 6-24 months comfortably with stretchy elastic neck and arm holes. The loose hem allows our bib to fit all types of highchairs while it also keeps baby cool.

  • BPA free
  • PVC free
  • Lead free
  • Phthalate free
  • Vinyl free
  • Expert tested
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Patented original
  • Machine wash, gentle or delicate
  • Hand wash
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not machine dry
Let them be messy

Children explore through touching. Mashing food supports their sensory development. Let them play with their food. You can engage with them by asking if the food feels good, is it also yummy?

Keep your sanity

Supporting our kid’s development doesn’t have to come on the expense of our sanity! To manage the mess - put small quantities of food for them to play with and add bigger quantities once they seem satisfied with their playing and ready to eat.

Easy to clean

I'm not the washing machine’s slave! Take advantage of the Allover Bib's water resistance and reuse it as much as possible by shaking and wiping. To avoid food smell, use a scented wipe – until it really has to go into the washing machine! Remember hang dry only!

Run by moms, approved by experts

We pride ourselves on being a woman owned company, who ensure all products are rigorously tested and approved by experts.

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