Globber Primo Foldable Plus Lights - Navy Blue (3y - 9y)


  • $799

PRIMO FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS is an adjustable scooter for kids aged 3+ with a 4-height T-bar and comfortable TPR grips. The 3-wheel scooter is a light-up scooter for kids with battery-free LED light up scooter wheels, which flash in red, green & blue.

Our light-up scooter for kids comes with an easy-to-use patented folding system to store away the light-up scooter, a wide, anti-slip dual-coloured deck design and a reinforced metal body frame for maximum comfort and durability. PRIMO FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS light-up scooter for kids also comes with an extra-long & wide integrated brake for safe scooting.

PRIMO FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS light-up scooter for kids is equipped with a patented steering lock system, which fixes the two front wheels of the light-up scooter to only move forward and backward, to help your child easily learn how to balance on the light-up scooter.

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