Duukies Beach Socks - Sunny Navy Orange


  • $229

Water Shoes, Sandals, and Socks in 1!

Have fun in the sun! Do you think water shoes are old fashioned? They don’t have to be! Duukies Beachsocks are exactly what your kids (and you!) need. Our Beach socks combine the safety of beach and swim shoes with cool designs.

Safe & Fun Water Shoes

Our swim socks offer protection against hot sand, sunburn, sharp shells and stones, and they are slip resistant. But that’s not all! Duukies Beachsocks are also perfect for taking a swim and they dry super fast. Enjoy the days that matter!


  • Flexible sole
  • Perfect protection against hot sand, sun burning, sharp stones, shells
  • Slip resistant
  • UV 50 protection
  • Easy to slip in


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