Baghera Speedster Blue


  • $1,680

A real race car! A tapered lines, an aerodynamic design, and a steering wheel all metal. Comfortably installed on his Speedster Blue, very stable and robust, hands on the wheel, feet on the ground, your child will quickly become an ace of the wheel!

  • Size: Seat height: 26cm - seat width: 12cm
  • Age range: 1 - 3 years
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Type: Unisex
  • Length: 75 cm
  • Width: 25 cm
  • Height: 37 cm

This ride-on shouldn't be used by children over 3 years, because of insufficient resistance.
The child should be under surveillance of an adult. One passenger at the time.
It has no brakes. Don't ride on it in public streets, steep gradient, stairs or next to water.
Never use it on irregular grounds, nor to jump or stunt.
You should use this ride-on with caution and the knowhow to prevent overturns and clashes which could hurt users or others.

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